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  "A Movement to Reach All Nations"

The Ministerial Education

The ministerial Education Division consists of the IFCA Bible College which is administered by its President, Dr. Alan James Schrader. Presently the College is working with Global University, Master's International School of Divinity, Bridges For Peace Institute, Elim Bible Institute, Valley Forge Christian College and West Coast Bible College & Seminary to help provide our ministers with Biblical education. 

The IFCA's Executive Board has set an educational standard for its credential applicants that requires the completion of a minimal number of ministry-related study courses for the issuance of its ministerial credentials. 

Requirements for IFCA Credentials 


H101 – IFCA History, Constitution & Doctrine 

B101 – Old Testament Survey 

B102 – New Testament Survey 

H102 – Hebraic Roots M102 

B103 – The Four Gospels 


M101 – Biblical Leadership 

M102 – Marriage & Family 

T101 – Introduction to Systematic Theology 

T102 – Holy Spirit Theology 

T104 – Introduction to Homiletics 


T103 – Introduction to Apologetics 

M201 –Growth, Church Planting, & Evangelism 

B205 – Book of Acts 

B202 – Book of Romans 

T201 – Systematic Theology I 


B203 – Books of Moses 

B204 – Prison Epistles 

T301 – Inspiration, Translation & Hermeneutics 

T302 – Theology of the Early Church 

T202 – Systematic Theology II 

Elective Courses: 

H103 – Pentecostal/Charismatic Movement 

B201 – Book of Hebrews 

L201 - Greek I 

B302 - Major Prophets 

B303 - Minor Prophets 

M104 - Fivefold Ministry Gifts 

H202 - Introduction to the Protestant Reformation

The IFCA Scholarship Program

The IFCA scholarship program awards annual scholarship grants to IFCA college students in amounts of up to $500 each. The order of priority used when selecting applicants for grants is as follows: 

1) Students for the ministry

2) Christian college students, regardless of their major

3) Church active IFCA students in secular colleges

The following three Scholarships are presently available for grant awards to all qualified college-level students

1) Frank & Jenny Delturco Memorial Fund

2) Dr. Alexander Roberts Memorial Fund

3) Lucy Saginario Memorial Fund

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