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About IFCA Bible College





      IFCA Bible College is a state of the art Bible College that utilizes online, live-streamed and video based curriculum. We offer a one-year biblical studies certificate as well as two and four year degrees in Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ministry. Our aim is to help train those who for various reasons are limited in their ability to attend a traditional, residential, training school. Students can enroll in either IFCA-BC Online or through our DVD curriculum which is offered to local churches that can run their own schools.


     We strongly believe that the growing church needs strong, capable, and Christ-like leaders. We include numerous courses which focus on all aspects of Biblical leadership and development.

     IFCA-BC is designed to be accessible wherever you are: whether you are a new Christian, or you have grown up in the church; whether you have never completed high-school, or you have completed a degree; whether you are in the city, or in the far corners of the earth. We believe IFCA – BC can offer every student an educational program that will give him or her the equipping needed to make them fruitful ministers of the gospel.  

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