Education for ministry and beyond


  "A Movement to Reach All Nations"



IFCA Executive Board of Directors
Rev. Michael Player 
General Overseer
Rev. Carmine Zottoli
Eastern District Overseer
Rev. Tim Tyler
Great Lakes District Overseer
Rev. Jack Stonefield
New England District Overseer
Rev. Warren Day
Niagra Mohawk District Overseer
Rev. Richard George
Northwest District Overseer
Rev. Edward Kennedy
Southern District Overseer
Rev. Dale Russo
World Missions Director 
Rev. Frank Fodera
College Adminstration Board
D.B.S., MA, BTh
Academic Dean
MA in Theology & Philosophy
Theology Dept.
PhD MA in Apologetics
Ministry Dept.
MA in Ministry  
History Dept.
MA in Urban Ministry
MA in Biblical Languages 
Rev. Mark Warszawski
Director of Admissions
School of the Bible