Education for ministry and beyond


  "A Movement to Reach All Nations"

Mission & Purpose


Mission & Purpose


Our Mission

Is to develop and provide ministry educational programs to individuals whom God has called into His service as full-time, bi-vocational, or lay servants; to seek such programs on the cutting edge of ministry and technology; and to deliver the curriculum to the students in a way that equips leaders to be instruments of blessing in their churches and communities.

Our Purpose

To consistently develop and distribute high quality Bible courses for the teaching and training of Christian leaders throughout the world.

To provide training to workers throughout the world who, for various reasons, are limited in their ability to attend a traditional Bible School.

To empower churches to become centers of ministry training, community development training and outreach.

To help plant churches nationally; internationally; and partner with pastors, churches, and organizations.

To equip believers to minister through the Holy Spirit in practical ways.

To enrich our fellowship among the IFCA and affiliated ministries throughout the world.

Who we are:

Our IFCA-BC teachers are accomplished, educated leaders throughout the country who are leaders among the IFCA denomination or who have been indorsed by the movement. They are all evangelical and Spirit-filled men and woman with extensive experience outside of the classroom and in it. The IFCA-BC curriculum is taught by people who have also been missionaries, pastors, and organizational leaders; who have planted churches and affected countless lives. In their teaching, our professors bring their extensive personal experience, as well as their wealth of knowledge and wisdom, in an effort to pass it on to the next generation of Christian leaders and workers.


Where ever you are:

IFCA-BC is designed to be accessible wherever you are: whether you are a new Christian, or you have grown up in the church; whether you have never completed high-school, or you have completed a degree; whether you are in the city, or in the far corners of the earth. We believe IFCA – BC can offer every student an educational program that will give him or her the equipping needed to make them fruitful ministers of the gospel.  


Strong Bible Foundation:

Beyond ministerial and leadership training at its core, the IFCA-BC Curriculum is biblically focused. We believe in a strong foundation built on the Word of God using appropriate hermeneutical interpretation. We include Old and New Testament Survey courses, as well as courses focused on individual books of the Bible such as Romans, The Acts of the Apostles, The Book of Hebrews, The Synoptic Gospels, and The Four Gospels, among many others.